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We are thrilled with these carefully selected girls that will be the foundation of our Bernedoodle program! Our dogs are health tested prior to breeding. We do not breed first generation Bernedoodles, preferring to breed further generations for size and coat consistency.

guardian home in Carroll, IA

Shelby Avenue Wild Rose
Mini Australian Bernedoodle

This girl stole my heart from day one! She is such a wonderful girl, and I have big plans for her! She always has a smile on her face! She was paired with Rocco for her first litter and they are fabulous! Rose will have a second litter for us May 2024, then she will retire.

Rose is a parti tricolor




in a guardian home in Grinnell, IA


Shelby Avenue Charlotte

Our lovely girl from our own momma Calamity. Charlotte is an F1b Bernedoodle and her coat is soooo soft and amazing. Charlotte is retiring! We will miss her visits!


Charlotte is a parti tricolor

Before and after haircut!

in a guardian home in Adel, IA


Shelby Avenue Guinevere

Mini Teddy Bear Bernedoodle from our Angel's first litter. Guin is absolutely gorgeous! In addition to her perfect markings and incredibly soft coat, she also has a winning personality! Super sweet and playful.

Guinevere will have a repeat litter with Rocco this summer!





in a guardian home in Adel, IA


Shelby Avenue River

River is a small mini Teddy Bear Bernedoodle from our Angel's first litter. She is a happy girl that is totally adored by everyone that meets her. She is a people lover in every sense!

Watch for River's litter with Freddie in June!






Orange City, IA

Shelby Avenue Parti Crasher "Hazel"

Hazel is an F1b Bernedoodle out of our own Calamity and Groot. She is a red and white parti but will have tricolor babies! I could not resist keeping her, from Calamity's final litter. I am super excited to add her to my program!





Adel, IA

Shelby Avenue Luna

I love love love parti colored dogs and this girl is going to be such an amazing addition! I cannot wait to watch her grow up! Luna is a mini Teddy Bear Bernedoodle (multigeneration). She is 22 pounds, our smallest girl. Watch for Luna babies in Fall 2024!

Luna is a parti tricolor


Rocco shown below in a short cut-

in a guardian home in Fort Doddge, IA


Rocco is a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle, both of his parents are Bernedoodles. He is so beautiful and the sweetest boy ever.

Rocco is technically a merle tricolor, however his coat is a very dark all over, his puppies that get the merle gene may sometimes be the same. He is absolutely stunning! Rocco has sired a couple of amazing litters for us, they have been absolute perfection!



Ff, SS, Ee

in a guardian home in Fort Dodge, IA


Shelby Avenue Teddy

Over the moon with this boy! He is a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle (multigeneration) and will be our main man around here while Ozzie grows up!

Teddy is retiring! He has given us some amazing babies, we will definitely miss him!

Teddy is a classic tricolor





In a guardian home in Fort Dodge, IA


Dogwood's Freddie

I am super excited about this guy! Freddie will be paired with a select few of our girls. He has made gorgeous babies so far, I cannot wait to see more! Freddie has an amazing coat and his temperament is top notch, so sweet natured and happy.

His coloring is parti tricolor

In a guardian home in Manson, IA

Shelby Avenue Ozzie

Ozzie is an absolutely stunning example of a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle. His coloring is rich and his coat is amazing. He loves his toys and is totally adored by his guardian family. I am so thrilled to add him to my program and cannot wait to see his future puppers!

Ozzie is a classic tricolor





in a guardian home in Fort Dodge, IA

Blue Nova Klondike

Our newest stud on the block! Klondike will sire a limited number of mini Australian Bernedoodles for us! Isn't he dreamy?? He has perfect DNA testing to pair with our parti girls, Luna, Hazel, and Charlotte.

blue merle phantom